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Upstate Family Health Center Utilizes Telehealth During Coronavirus Pandemic

The Upstate Family Health Center (UFHC) remains open during the COVID-19 outbreak in both of its locations, 1001 Noyes Street in Utica and 205 W. Dominick Street in Rome, and is offering telehealth as an alternative to an office visit to protect the health and safety of patients.  

During a time of uncertainty, UFHC is offering telehealth as a way to follow the County Executive and Governor’s guidelines.  While the Health Center remains open, staff understands that people and their families may be hesitant to leave the house during this time or unable to leave with children home from school.

“The implementation of telemedicine visits, or video visits, to our community allows us to offer continuity of care for patients who require a sick visit, a scheduled routine visits or normal well visits. Our telemedicine program allows patients to have a video visit using a smartphone, tablet or laptop to see and speak with their provider from the comfort and safety of home.  It will allow patients to maintain their established patient/provider relationship,” commented Jaime Oot, UFHC Program Manager. 

Oot added, “We are one of the few community health centers in the area that has implemented telehealth visits so that our patients can maintain their health and overall well-being.  We also coordinate with several local pharmacies to have most prescribed medications delivered to patients’ homes free of charge. Upstate Family Health Center serves over 7,000 people in the Mohawk Valley, and has one of the largest Hepatitis-C treatment programs in the region.” 

During this time, the School Based Health Center sites within the Utica City School District - Kernan Elementary, MLK Elementary and Donovan Middle Schools - are closed and will reopen when schools resume.

For more information, or if you are feeling symptoms of COVID-19, please call the Upstate Family Health Center office first before stopping in, at (315) 624-9470.

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