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Board of Directors 

Welcome to the Board of Directors page of Community Health Care, the driving force behind our commitment to patient-centric governance. As an essential component of our status as a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), our Board is proudly comprised of a minimum of 51% patients, ensuring a direct representation of the community we serve.

Guided by our mission at Upstate Family Health Center – "to improve the overall health and well-being of the community by providing accessible, comprehensive, high-quality primary care to all people without discrimination and regardless of ability to pay" – our Board of Directors plays a pivotal role. Through active engagement on various committees, they provide invaluable direction and guidance to our organization.

At the core of our responsibility is the establishment of policies and programs that align seamlessly with our mission. The Board of Directors assumes a crucial role in offering oversight and guidance to our health center staff, ensuring the effective implementation of programs and activities that resonate with our commitment to accessible, high-quality healthcare.

Our Board Directors, dedicated volunteers and residents of the Mohawk Valley, actively contribute to shaping the trajectory of Upstate Family Health Center. Their engagement is instrumental in propelling the progress of healthcare in our region, marking a collective effort towards a healthier, more inclusive future for our community.

Our Board of Directors:

  • Elizabeth BowersChairperson

  • Bruce BrodskyVice Chairperson

  • Sonia MartinezDirector

  • John CrossleySecretary

  • David MathisTreasurer

  • Jennifer VanWagoner, RNDirector

  • Tiffany RichardsonDirector

  • Adam Ullman, RN, CPRP, CMSR  Director

  • Alen SmajicDirector

  • Laura EannaceDirector

  • Jennifer McGauley, Director

  • Tara Capponi.Director

Our Committee Members:

  • Candace Kugel

  • Sara B. Miller

  • Cat Manion

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