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Upstate Family Health Center Offers Office-Based Opioid Treatment Program

Upstate Family Health is now offering an office-based opioid treatment program for heroin addicts.

This medication-assisted therapy program will be led by a newly-formed substance abuse team, with chemical and substance abuse counselor, Elizabeth Nemchek, Dr. Steven Sperling and Dr. Paula Vecchio.

This program is designed to take the stigma out of addiction by offering addicts treatment in an office-based setting which includes medical counsel, prescribed medication like Suboxone, Vivatrol and Subutex, along with counseling.

“Many times, people enroll in programs but aren’t allowed to complete a program if they relapse,” says Richard Williams, Director of Nursing. “At Upstate Family Health, we are breaking down the barriers of addiction by working with people throughout their recovery—even if they stumble in the process. What makes this program unique is we will have medical providers, substance use providers, counseling, and a pharmacy in one location. This ‘one-stop shop’ will enhance the experience for the person who is in recovery.”

If you or a loved one is having difficulties with alcohol, opioids, or any other substances please give UFH a call at (315) 624-9472 and experience the difference in Person Centered Holistic Recovery.

Upstate Family Health Center, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), not for profit, federally qualified health center, offering family health care services to individuals of all ages at various locations including Utica and Rome throughout the Mohawk Valley. The experienced and dedicated staff provide the highest level of care, while ensuring that the patient’s needs come first.
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